Masato started his career as a creative planner at a Japanese agency specializing in TVCs, and moved on to a multi-national agency to work on various western and Japanese accounts. In 2009, Masato became the first Japanese to be awarded a Cannes Lion Grand Prix in the Promo Category for a Yubari City Revitalization Project. He has served on the jury for various international awards, including the 2010 Cannes Promo & Activation Category.

In 2012 at the age of 36, Masato became the youngest Executive Creative Director in the history of Beacon Communications and received the Creator of the Year Medalist award from the JAAA (Japan Advertising Agencies Association).

After 10 years at Beacon, he became the first Executive Creative Director of the Japan office of Geometry Global, the largest activation agency in the world. From the start in 2014, Masato was assigned to be head of creative as well as part of the management team. He lead the agency’s growth in its organization and scale of business for 4 years.

Masato has taken on an additional job as City Activator, a Creative Advisor for Japanese cities and prefectures, contributing to regional revitalization.

In August 2018, Masato joined ADK as Executive Creative Director and also launched his own creative boutique FACT in May 2019, where he continues to seek valuable, undiscovered facts to activate people