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about the jury

Phoebe Taylor is an accomplished editor whose career has grown rapidly at ARC EDIT. Her passion for storytelling and technical expertise have been instrumental in driving her success. Phoebe has collaborated with renowned directors such as Steve AysonJoel KelafiDani PearceTom Campbell, and Yianni Warnock.

With a keen eye for detail and performance it has seen her work with clients such as Nike and the United Nations. Phoebe’s work in advertising has received accolades such as MADC, D&AD, Cannes Lions, Webbys, 1.4 Nominations and featured on Vimeo Staff Picks.

In addition to her advertising achievements, Phoebe’s short films and music videos have screened at the MCA Australia and film festivals in New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Sydney & Melbourne. Her latest collaboration with Eliza Scanlen (known for Sharp Objects and Baby Teeth) received Best Editing at FlickerFest this year.