• company

    The Mill Shanghai

  • position

    Director & Head of Color

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  • when

    May 30th 14:40

about the speaker

As one of The Mill’s in-house directors, Nikola Stefanović has been the creative driving force behind many of our most memorable and visually impressive works.

Nikola has turned his creative eye to many different genres ranging from live action beauty campaigns, to full CG animation. His experience as a visual artist ensures that whatever the canvas he helps deliver beautiful images.

As well as a director, Nikola also serves as our Head of Color Grading and is an award-winning colorist. He has brought to life visually striking campaigns in collaboration with some world-renowned directors.


at ciclope

Imagine a world where you could watch your favorite movie in any visual style you desire. In Remix/Restyle, we delve into the evolution of visual media manipulation, exploring the transformative potential of restyling and visual remixing as a future service across movie, gaming, and advertising industries. Remix/Restyle proposes a paradigm shift in how we engage with visual media. It makes us reconsider the boundaries of authorship and invites us to contemplate a future where every viewer can curate their own unique visual journey, while honoring the craftsmanship of those who wield the brush.

Jamie Loudon and Nikola Stefanović from The Mill Shanghai present the trends, developments, the good and the bad of media manipulation in an open style discussion that offers their own thoughts and invites the audience to contribute their own to this very interesting topic.