Sachi_Sasaki copia


Sachi Sasaki is an Editor/Director at Cutters Studios Tokyo, and has been a part of the Cutters Studios family for 8 years. Sachi’s journey into the industry started when she was studying filmmaking in LA, meeting many brilliant filmmakers and creatives along the way. She started her career as an editor, as she loves editing more than anything. Her passion for her craft can clearly be seen in her work, where each and every frame of every project is carefully thought out and taken care of. Sachi has an extensive and rich portfolio, consisting of clients such as Nike, Porsche, Shiseido, Toyota, and many more. On top of her passion for filmmaking, Sachi also loves music, which stemmed from the time when she used to be a part of an orchestra. Sachi relates the experience of being part of an orchestra to filmmaking, being part of a team striving to make a great piece of art.