Greg is the co-founder of KER SOUND STUDIOS, leading boutique music agency and post production facilities in China for TV Advertising and digital film.

Greg has 15+ years working as music supervisor and music producer for all major agencies and production company in China and have worked on both awarded TV campaigns with a focus on car commercials for TV such as Chevrolet, Audi, Ford, Toyota and many digital awarded film for Apple, Nike, Cartier, L’Oreal, One plus to name a few.

Greg is also a veteran composer on co-production features films between US, France and China. Currently on cinema and at Selected aat Vancouver for “The Six”, executively produced by James Cameron. He was also music supervisor on TV hit shows such as “amazing race China” and “Masterchef China”.

We are currently physically extending Ker Sound reach in Europe (Lisbon and Paris) as we are always on a hunt for new talents and exclusive representation of music composers, arrangers, sound designers and sound mixers. Our collective experience allows us to approach all projects with an individual tailored approach.

Finally Greg is offering support trough conference and talk to help labels and artists connecting with China as well as embracing new technology linked to Blockchain and NFTs.