Dennis Yeung is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Craft Creations based in Shanghai, with an impressive list of clients over the years including Apple Inc., Mercedes Benz, Huawei, Disney, Alibaba, BMW, OPPO and the name goes on.

Dennis has started his production career as a sound designer in 1991. He designed and built the first ever full digital 7l.1 Dolby studio in China that made him a pioneer in the industry and set the tone of his later works as well.

He then became the Chief Operating Officer of POST PRODUCTION OFFICE Group (PO) due to his unique visions and outstanding management ability. Under his supervision, the company drastically expanded and was able to set foot into a broader market place and soon became the market leader across Asia Pacific regions, and greater China market. As for the result of his endless efforts, the company joined force with another powerhouse in the industry, U.S. based Digital Domain.

Over 15 years of wealthy management and operational experiences with both Companies; he is now trying to build up his own dreamland-Craft Creations. The way he’s always known for- being revolutionary. He has set his eyes on multi-disciplined culture events, live broadcasts, brands promoting and movie VFX management thus trying to build an integration studio to leverage the resources with various artists rather than a traditional post house.

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    Chief Executive Officer

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