Chris Colman 500X500


Chris is a creative, writer, and producer specialised in animation.

He is currently executive producer and partner in production company Final Frontier, collaborating with a roster of incredibly talented directors, artists and storytellers to shape exceptional animated content.

He previously worked with DreamWorks (now Pearl Studio) in China where he served as international ambassador and chief scout for top tier and emerging writers, directors and visual talent. His role saw him travel the globe, forging collaborative relationships with studios, animation schools and industry events.

Chris has been based in the buzzing, beautiful megacity of Shanghai since 2011. Observing a wealth of talent but few stages on which it could be celebrated, he founded the China Animation & Game Network (CAGN), producing, curating and hosting live creative events for professionals to connect, share, and be inspired.

As Director of Development for the Institute for Animation & Creative Content, a training institute working with elite international experts and luminaries, he built and worked with a nationwide network of studios to promote skill development in the country’s booming animation and gaming industries.

Chris has written extensively about animation, advertising, film, and interactive technologies, consulted for clients across the motion spectrum, and been invited to speak at conferences and educational institutions across Asia, Europe and North America.