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A few months ago, LG launched a campaign highlighting the company’s steadfast dedication to sustainability. Created in collaboration with TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and animation company LOBO, the commercial brings to life different characters who are forging a more sustainable future for generations to come. Join the creative team, and the client, behind this awards-winning work to learn how mixed-media, can help create a miniature world in a certified Green production.

This talk will be in English.

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At Eurolive (Kinohaus 2F, 1-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku).

Be inspired by a selection of commercials, music videos and short films awarded in CICLOPE Festival 2023, in the big screen.

This talk will be in English.

Thay Littichai is a natural storyteller with a knack for creating visually captivating narratives across different mediums. Join him as he walks the audience through his career while he shares his belief that film is the best medium for a storyteller to connect people with its combination of image, dialogues and music that can create a powerful message or just a simple escape.

This talk will be in English.

Imagine a world where you could watch your favorite movie in any visual style you desire. In Remix/Restyle, we delve into the evolution of visual media manipulation, exploring the transformative potential of restyling and visual remixing as a future service across movie, gaming, and advertising industries. Remix/Restyle proposes a paradigm shift in how we engage with visual media. It makes us reconsider the boundaries of authorship and invites us to contemplate a future where every viewer can curate their own unique visual journey, while honoring the craftsmanship of those who wield the brush.

Jamie Loudon and Nikola Stefanović from The Mill Shanghai present the trends, developments, the good and the bad of media manipulation in an open style discussion that offers their own thoughts and invites the audience to contribute their own to this very interesting topic.

This talk will be in English.

Join the creative team, and the client, behind the award-winning LG commercial, Better Choices Make a Better World, created by animation company LOBO and TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, to learn how mixed-media can help create a miniature world in a certified Green production.

Meet old and new friends downstairs.

This talk will be in Japanese.

Makoto Nagahisa began directing films and music videos while working as a commercial planner in an ad agency. In 2017, he released his first short film, And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool., and in 2019 he released his first full-length film, We Are Little Zombies. His latest project was the advertising short film for Gucci, called Kaguya by Gucci, released in 2022.

Join him as he guides us through his career, discussing his unique visual storytelling, how he chooses to convey emotion in his scripts, and some of his exciting upcoming projects.

This talk will be in English.

Elliott Power is a West London based multidisciplinary director and musician known for his genre-blurring artistic endeavors. Join him as he goes through his career and dives deep into the creative process behind award-winning commercials such as Facebook’s Skate Nation Ghana and Channel4’s Idents.

Attendees are invited to join us at Azumaya, located within a 1-minute walk from the venue, for an evening of cool drinks and music before the big event!

Azumaya is located at Spotify O-EAST 2F, 2-14-8 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0043.

To finish off this day of talks and networking, all attendees are invited to join us in CICLOPE Asia’s 2024 Awards Ceremony. Enjoy!