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Bring your ticket on your phone and pick up your wristband at the accreditations desk at Eurolive (Kinohaus 2F, 1-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku).

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Bring your ticket on your phone and pick up your wristband at the accreditation desk.

At Eurolive (Kinohaus 2F, 1-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku).

Be inspired by a selection of commercials, music videos and short films awarded in CICLOPE Festival 2022, in the big screen.


Japanese director Show Yanagisawa began his creative career as an oil painter and live graffiti artist. He directed remarkable films such as High School GirlPlayStation’s Gravity Cat, and most recently, The King of Fighters, gaining international attention and collecting the most prestigious accolades. Besides his commercial work, Show also creates music videos, short and long form films with his very distinctive footprint. Join this live conversation as he goes through his work, explains his approach to craft, and discusses the present and future of Japanese creativity.


How AI will impact our work (and life) is a question that is on everyone’s mind. Should we consider it a threat to creativity? Or is it a valuable tool that empowers artists and creatives? Barry Greaves, Executive Creative Director at The Mill Shanghai, will dive into the matter and discuss the various ways AI can optimize workflows, empower creativity and shape the future of content creation, using real-life examples.

Join us for a brief coffee break downstairs at our venue.


The Glue Society’s work and set-up is impossible to define. The closest anyone has come to explaining what they collectively do is Creativity Magazine – who called them the “experts at things which haven’t been done before”. But this talk aims to reveal a hidden thread in their work. That sets them and their work apart. By elevating the viewer in the creative equation, their work connects like no other. Whether it’s art, experiential, film, sculpture or whatever else they are up to, the audience is left in no doubt that it is being invited to participate in something excitingly new. Join Luke Nuto, Creative Partner of The Glue Society as he shares the secrets behind magic.

Attendees are invited to join us downstairs at our venue to have a few drinks before the big event!

To finish off this day of talks and networking, all attendees are invited to join us in CICLOPE Asia’s 2023 Awards Ceremony. Enjoy!

Join our Official After Party, brought to you by Black Cat/White CatToboggan and Toshihiko Tanabe. The event will be hosted at Studio Freedom, 150-0043, Fontis Build. 2F, 2-23-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku.