BEHIND THE GRAND PRIX: SporTV- “Let her run”

In 2021, SporTV “Let her run” won the Grand Prix at CICLOPE Latino. The film, directed by Rafael Damy and produced by Santeria, together with an impeccable cast and amazing crew, shed a light on the mandatory and discriminatory “gender testing” introduced by the International Olympic Committee in 1968.

Until the the late 90s female athletes had to “prove” that they were women. Now, since 2019, women whose testosterone is higher than 5nmol/l are not considered women.

Here’s the full commercial!


Production Company: Santeria
Advertising Agency: Africa
Client: SporTV
Director: Rafa Damy
DoP: Guilhe Muse
Production Designer / Art Director:  Thiago Cusack
Executive Producer: Edgar Soares Filho
Executive Creative Director:  Felipe Luchi
VFX & Animation Company:  Line
Editing Company: Santeria
Sound & Music Company: Studio Cabaret
Casting Company:  Baltazar Tokman
Casting Director: Rafa Damy
Leading Roles: Micaela Racciatti and Ezequiel Varela