Gamechangers is a section hosted by Antoinette de Lisser (Head of New Business at The Progress Film Company), focusing on the people that are making great changes in the field of diversity, within our profession of film craft and production. In this episode, Antoinette talks to Trevor Robinson OBE, creative director and founder of Quiet Storm, the London-based advertising agency and production company established in 1995.

Looking back at his own experiences growing up in Clapham, Trevor had a vision to help inner city kids who felt let down by society to see how that their life could have meaning beyond gang membership and the violence this brings. So he created a short film competition called Create Not Hate, supported by mentoring from ad agency industry professionals and in-agency working sessions.

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‘A mother’s tear’ (2007)
Written by pupils of Lambeth Academy, produced and directed by Quiet Storm, for Create Not Hate project.