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Born in India in 1973, Suresh graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad specializing in communication design in 1997. Since then, he has been relentlessly working in the field of animation. In the difficult phase of development of the genre within its borders in the early days, Eriyat established Famous House of Animation in 1998. It was this landmark venture through which he was able to realize numerous animated ads, shorts, music videos with many firsts, which brought not only national and international recognitions but also changed the way people perceived animation in India. Optimizing the learning and experience of 11 years from there, he founded Studio Eeksaurus, in partnership with his wife Nilima Eriyat since 2009. The studio deals with production of various media, intended for cinema, television, web and digital platforms. Suresh’s is a respected resume, which goes beyond 400 productions, which has allowed him to receive numerous awards, including the prestigious Annecy festival Cristal in 2015, a first for India. Although acknowledged globally, Eriyat has repeatedly stressed on the difficulty of perception of animation in India: “It is still considered a technique, not a means to tell stories,” he said in a recent interview. Suresh Eriyat’s films draw energy from the idea that animation is not just a genre for the infant audience. His stories come to life from the socio cultural and political tradition of the country where he lives. People, habits, culture and society are the ingredients that are part of his films.

He has been part of film festivals, seminars and many creative forums as a juror, speaker, master, the recent one being KROK 2016 held in Russia. Besides conducting workshops and educating for animation students across the mushrooming film/design schools in India, Suresh regularly attends seminars and conferences to share his greater vision for the Indian animation film industry. He also has been a part of more than 25 jury panels of various film festivals across the world like D&AD, Clio, Asia Image Apollo, Promax, London International Awards to name a few.

His achievements and landmarks have contributed to a dynamic growth of animation as a filmmaking medium in India during his span of filmmaking career. He won the President of India’s National award in 2016 for Best Animated Film, “Fisher Woman and Tuk Tuk” and this year again for his animated short film “Tokri”. Suresh is the only Indian film maker who has brought to India the prestigious Annecy Cristal, under commissioned film at Annecy Animation International Film Festival, 2015 for “Rotary Fateline”, D&AD Pencil for “Rajasthan Tourism”, Tokyo Anime Awards festival 2016, DIGICON 2016. Apart from these 100s of awards won at Clio, Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, TBS Digicon, HAFF, International Festival of animated films Annecy, Asia Pacific Adfest, Adclub, Abby’s, IDPA, NewYork Television Awards, KROK, Golden Panda, Hiroshima Wildlife Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival, JIFF, Digicon India, Digicon Japan, Holland International Film Festival, Tehran International Film Festival, Anifest, Animaze, TASI, Cine Golden Eagle, ASIFA India, Muse Creative 2016 awards, Mumbai International Film Festival, Pulcinella ( Cartoons on the Bay) to name a few besides numerous official selections at various other film festivals.