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A decade’s worth of experience producing celebrated campaigns for major brands across the country and beyond, Nicoletta Rousianos has led award-winning post production teams, most recently in her position as partner and executive producer at The Editors, one of the country’s most established and respected editing houses.

Previously, Nicoletta helped Danny Tait to launch The Tait Gallery, after moving on from Postmodern Sydney where she cut her teeth in the industry, learning the ropes as an assistant producer. This ground-up experience, coupled with her knowledge of what it takes to execute polished results on brand campaigns for the likes of Nike, Apple, Heineken and Vodafone, has seen Nicoletta’s resourcefulness and considered approach celebrated by clients near and far. Beneficiaries include leading production companies Goodoil, Revolver, The Sweet Shop, Finch and Plaza Films, and top tier ad agencies such as The Monkeys, TBWA and Publicis.

A collective passionate about the art and craft of editing, The Editors represents the country’s most renowned talent, including company partners and in-demand editors, Bernard Garry and Peter Barton, along with representing international heavyweight editors Stewart Reeves, Alexandre de Franceschi, Mark Burnett and Ryan Boucher. With an energy and dedication to the art and craft of editing, The Editors remains true to its name, and supports Nicoletta in her aim to produce the work of Australia’s finest visual storytellers and creative collaborators worldwide.