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Kazuyoshi Hayakawa, the CEO of TYO Inc., is one of the most acknowledged commercial film directors in Japan for many years.

He started his career as a commercial director, joining Japan Color Movie Company after graduating from the Department of Sculpture at Kanazawa College of Art. In 1982, he founded TYO along with his colleagues, which began as an exclusive creative production company and has become one of the top leading brand in Japan. Since then he also founded his own director’s company, Camp KAZ, where he fully demonstrates his creativity as a director.

Over the past few decades, he has directed numerous TV commercials for clients including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS, Lion, East Japan Railway, SAPPORO BREWERIES , and PILOT. One of his highly successful works is Central Japan Railway “X’mas Express”, which is considered by many to be the most memorable TV commercial of all times. His works have also won numerous awards including Cannes Lions, ADFEST, New York Festivals, and ACC CM FESTIVAL.

In mid 90’s Hayakawa also has created numbers of works in Thailand for local clients. A TV commercial he created for Tourist Authority of Thailand has won Gold in TACT Award.

As the CEO of TYO, he oversees the company’s operation and also continues directing with unfading passion.