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Chris graduated from business school Mission College in Santa Clara in sunny California, and then embarked in a long journey into the production world for the next decade. He moved from Taiwan to Shanghai to co-found T&W print production company in year 2005, where he worked with a number of clients from the automotive industry.

After that, Chris established Triangle Film in 2009 to develop TV commercial productions in the Chinese market, yet, in 2012 he founded Great Fun CG production. He is the first person who tried to complete the puzzle with print/film/cg production in China, becaming the only one-stop shop for clients.

In 2016, Chris proudly announced putting the group into capital market in order to adapt to the fast pace changing comercial market, planning IPO in 2020. And yet, non-stop extension for one-stop shop production company, in 2018 he is going to build a film spec underwater studio in Shanghai Jing-An district, to offer a globally unique range of water filming facilities. Including one of China’s largest interior tanks with the permanently-fill, temperature-control system, it’s going to be the first underwater studio in downtown Shanghai, with professional diving instructors to assure all of your water filming requirements.